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Britannica First Edition Replica

Handsome replica of original binding.
Special feature:
Painstakingly exact facsimile reproductions of natural age marks and watermarks.


A Precise Reproduction

Over 240 years ago, before Australia was founded, the world's first, three-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica was published. It established a tradition of comprehensiveness and authority in general knowledge that has remained unsurpassed ever since. If you're looking for a very different kind of gift, for the man or woman who has everything, this is it.

This beautifully executed 3-volume set is a near perfect recreation of the 1768 masterpiece, which is almost indistinguishable from the original. Its faithful reproduction of all 2,659 original pages showing the wonderful 160 copperplate illustrations of the first edition, even down to the original 1768 cherished binding imperfections.

As well as being an engrossing conversation piece, this set lends an air of prestige and beauty to any home or office library. If you love history or vintage books, you'll find it difficult to put down the fascinating volumes of the Britannica First Edition Replica Set.

Packed with interesting facts and reading.

For example would you have believed that shorthand existed back in 1768? You can also discover some very funny suggestions on how to cure baldness, amongst other remedies for all sorts of ailments. The eighteenth century was very much a man's world, and if you were to look at the entry for "Woman", you would find it to be just five words long ..."Female of Man" See HOMO.

Three years to complete.

When you see these superb volumes, no other books of the period give anything like the same comprehensive insight into the thoughts, attitudes and knowledge of the late 18th century. Possession of this magnificent Replica edition is a unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of 1768 - it's no wonder it took three long years to complete!

What you can expect to find:

  • Three complete facsimile volumes of the original 1768 Encyclopaedia Britannica, First Edition.
  • Painstakingly exact facsimile reproductions of natural age marks and watermarks.
  • Handsome replica of original binding.

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